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user access logs on ACS

Can anybody please tell me if the ACS server has the user access log? Also, what ACS version would I need to purchase to run on W2K or XP?


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Re: user access logs on ACS

1) Yes and a "access-list" so that only ip from that list can logon.

2)Bye the new's one 3.2.X

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Re: user access logs on ACS

John, thanks for your response.

I just want to make sure we're on the same wave length. What I am looking for is the access log showing which user accessed a switch/router and pretty much all the accounting pertaining to that user during the time he was logged in to the switch/router.

Thanks again.

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Re: user access logs on ACS

This is from (TACACS+ Administration): 03/03/2004 11:29:50 userx Nord Data Admin permit ip host x.x.x.x any 15 shell tty2 2125 x.x.x.x .. WinSec01 x.x.x.x Router (alle)

This is have it looks like! The "x.x.x.x" is the ip adress of the users and the group the users belongs to and host x.x.x.x is the host that the users have login to.

Then you have Radius accounting for have long the users have been log in and so on.

The ACS (Cisco Seduce Server) is simply great if you want to see that’s going on in you network.

Simple administration if you have to manages many type of connection (VPN Dial-In and so on) work fine together with you ekes. Domain user database (Novell/Microsoft (NT/2000))

I know my English is not the best but I’m working on it as you can se. Otherwise give me a call and I will gladly tray to explain.

NB I’m not a sails rep. just a happy users of the ACS.

Link to eval. copy and doc.

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