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VPN3000 radius accounting update

Hi there!

We are using VPN 3030 Concentrator


and can't find where to enable and turn radius accounting update option? (like aaa accounting update periodic command in "common" IOS)

Could someone help me?

Thanks a lot!


Re: VPN3000 radius accounting update

With regards to loggin on the concentrator, can you please instead just enable on event classes auth and authdbg set 1-9, and don't worry about the ikedbg and ipsecdbg. The auth and authdbg shoudl show the concentrator sending the accounting or not.

If the service did not truly start, then an accounting record should not be sent. IOS can send a stop without a start or vice versa under some conditions like router reboot, command accounting, & failed authentications.

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Re: VPN3000 radius accounting update

thanks for your advice. unfortunately it doesn't solve my problem just yet. I've got a RADIUS server which gets accounting records from VPN 3030 Concentrator on VPN PPTP clients consisting of two records per session, i.e. session start and session stop. What I need is interim accounting records that would allow me to monitor current client traffic mid-session. In "regular" IOS there is such option. So my question in fact is whether or NOT there is such option in VPN 3030? Perhaps I didn't quite get your advice but it looks like it affects the display of event log filtering it this way or that whereas I work with the billing system based on the RADIUS server that doesn't get ANY interim accounting records and therefor it in its turn can't update the current client sessions database. Any ideas? Your input would be appreciated!

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Re: VPN3000 radius accounting update


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