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Windows profiling


I'm having some problems with windows profiling.

ISE is taking a long time to recognize windows devices, when I connect my laptop to the wireless network, display the device as "unknown", I need to wait some minutes until recognize as Windows 7, Xp or 8.

Another devices (Android, IOS) are working properly, we don't have to wait a long time and the profiling is working fine, the policies are applied fast.

I need an fast recognition for windows devices, because we have to assign to specific VLAN.

Please, could someone help me with this issue? I need fast recognition of windows devices, our customer has 90% of windows users.

Thanks for any advice.


Windows profiling

There are multiple reasons for this delay, as profiling takes different probes to identity a device. It can be the monitoring port of a switch, dhcp etc. What is the version of ISE ? Have you checked the NAD from compatiblity matrix?

Windows profiling

Recommend run debug log collection on appropriate PSN(s) to capture info on RADIUS auth and profile data to determine when NAD is actually sending data and when ISE is triggering SNMP Query.  Still not clear which probe is actually getting the info to ISE to profile as phone, for example.    It may be that DHCP data is not being sent to ISE in timely fashion, that PSN is not triggering SNMP query in timely fashion (if relying on CDP rather than DHCP), or if it is polled mode that is catching CDP, or if internal issue with writing endpoint attributes.  If relying on polling or DHCP, then may be case where different PSN is collecting info and replication is delayed.

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