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Wireless and VPN Auth on the Same ACS

Is it possible to have Aironet NAS clients and VPN 3000 NAS clients coexisting with the same user base? I am currently running ACS 3.0 to authenticate users on a wireless network with a 600 second session timeout for key rotation. I would like to utilize the same servers for authenticating remote access VPN users, but the sessions are truncated with the same session timeout. Is there a way that I can assign the same users to multiple group and use NARs? Any help would be appreciated...

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Re: Wireless and VPN Auth on the Same ACS

No it is not possible to have a same user part of multiple groups in ACS, in your case you need to create different accounts or increase the timeout value.

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Re: Wireless and VPN Auth on the Same ACS

Well, I wish I could create separate accounts for each user, but in a 50,000 user enterprise, that can become a bit unwieldy. The multiple group idea was just something I wanted to throw out there. What I'd really like to have is device based session timeout values rather than user based. Is that possible?

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