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Wireless MAB guest access issue - need to reauth for COA

Hi all,

I would like to ask the process on ISE handling wireless MAB for guest access.

My authZ rules is

01. user will conenct to SSID guest, then it will redirect to guest portal interface, due to the authorization profile doing on the CWA.

02. user will continue to create their profile, by inserting their info and submit, a profile with username and password will create.

03. user will redirect back to guest portal page again, after key in the username and password, it will show the AUP page, user need to check and accept.

Issue start after step 3: It won't auto doing the COA (my authZ rule is after user categorize as identity guest, it will have dynamic VLAN push down and ACL from the WLC imply to guest user IP.

I need to reauth and it will only dynamic VLAN IP push down to user.

What is the proper step on doing Wireless MAB guest access? My issue is it cause by the CoA need to be either reauth or port bounce acction?



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