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2 ISP circuit design question - GSS or BGP solution?

I have a customer with a co-lo which has one ingress to the internet. They want to add a second ingress from another provider. The co-lo owner owns all address space and provides DNS registration/services for their clients at the co-lo.

They are hoping to achieve in-bound and out-bound internet connectivity redundancy for their clients with the second ISP link. Out-bound is easy enough- just let routing handle requests. But for in-bound request to client e-commerce servers, since the two links are owned by different providers, if the address space was owned by the providers, then GSS might be the best solution. However, since the co-lo owns the address space, if they also own a BGP AS, BGP would be the best solution.

Are these fair statements? My challenge is my BGP ignorance. THANKS.

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