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Accelerating the probe verification in failed status

Hi experts. We are using an ACE 4710 and we decided to put some probes on our server farm for health monitoring. Those probes are set to monitor the health on each 60 seconds in order for us not to full the IIS logs. But if a real problem occurs, I want that robing to accelerate to 5 seconds each time. If it fails after 3 attempts, I would want to close this real server. Any clue on the settings I should use for probing?


Re: Accelerating the probe verification in failed status

You can configure probes on the ACE to make active connections and explicitly send traffic to servers. The ACE evaluates the server's response to determine the health of that server.

For the furthere details about its configuration following URL may help you

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Re: Accelerating the probe verification in failed status

Thank's for the answer. The only thing I am not sure of is that there is a field for he passdetect interval which I believe is the time a new probe will be sent to a passed probe after a server as been in a failed state. In regards to this option, the pass detect count would be the number of time a probe request would be sent to that same failed server before it is brought back in the server farm.

But I dont see any faildetect option which could have accelerated the probe on a fail server in order to take a decision whether or not to take that server out of rotation in the server farm. I believe we have to wait until the next probe which could have been scheduled to happen at a later time. Am I correct on this one? Am I missing something?

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