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New Member

ACE 4710 FT failover failure


I am running redundant ACE 4710 appliances running A3(2.7).  I have five FT groups configured along with FT Tracking and when the vlans fail due to physical links being down, the contexts to do not failover.  If one of the ACE boxes fail completely, failover works fine.  I have included the FT config from one of the contexts below.  I have a case open with TAC and the Engineer is suggesting the use of a query interface in additon to FT Tracking.  We have had two incidents on separate contexts where we lost a physical interface on the primary ACE, one for the maintenance of the core switch, the other was a cable disconnect and we are unable to understand why the indivdual context didn't failover.  Any ideas would be much appreciated.  Let me know if more info/configs are needed.


ft interface vlan 900
  ip address
  peer ip address
  no shutdown

ft peer 1
  heartbeat interval 300
  heartbeat count 20
  ft-interface vlan 900

ft group 3

  peer 1

  no preempt

  priority 210

  peer priority 120

  associate-context XYZ



FT Group                     : 3

No. of Contexts             : 1

Context Name                 : XYZ

Context Id                   : 2

Configured Status           : in-service

Maintenance mode             : MAINT_MODE_OFF

My State                   : FSM_FT_STATE_ACTIVE

My Config Priority           : 210

My Net Priority             : 210

My Preempt                   : Disabled

Peer State                   : FSM_FT_STATE_STANDBY_HOT

Peer Config Priority         : 120

Peer Net Priority           : 120

Peer Preempt                 : Disabled

Peer Id                     : 1

Last State Change time       : Wed Jan 11 13:14:16 2012

Running cfg sync enabled     : Enabled

Running cfg sync status     : Running configuration sync has completed

Startup cfg sync enabled     : Enabled

Startup cfg sync status     : Startup configuration sync has completed

Bulk sync done for ARP: 0

Bulk sync done for LB: 0

Bulk sync done for ICM: 0

show int

vlan424 is up, VLAN up on the physical port

Hardware type is VLAN

MAC address is 00:1e:68:1e:ba:b7

Virtual MAC address is 00:0b:fc:fe:1b:03

Mode : routed

IP address is netmask is

FT status is active

Description:"New Server VIP and real"

MTU: 1500 bytes

Last cleared: never

Last Changed: Sun Mar 11 01:13:12 2012

No of transitions: 3

Alias IP address is netmask is

Peer IP address is Peer IP netmask is

Assigned on the physical port, up on the physical port

Previous State: Sun Mar 11 00:04:57 2012, VLAN not up on the physical port

Previous State: Sun Sep 18 10:21:15 2011, administratively up

     3991888419 unicast packets input, 23734607976687 bytes

     20246934 multicast, 174801 broadcast

     0 input errors, 0 unknown, 0 ignored, 0 unicast RPF drops

     1609345958 unicast packets output, 23690663385228 bytes

     7 multicast, 55807 broadcast

     0 output errors, 0 ignored

Cisco Employee

ACE 4710 FT failover failure


For tracking to work you need to have preempt enabled. Can you try enabling preempt under the ft group and test your tracking again? Another potential issue you may run into is if your tracking is not lowering the priority enough when it fails. The difference between the active and standby device is 100. If you are not decrementing the priority greater than this value even if priority is enabled it will not lower it enough to force the failover. If after enabling preempt on this group the tracking still does not work as expected send you whole config for us to look at.

Regarding the query interface; This is not a bad idea. It will help prevent an active active situation if there is a problem with the ft link between the two modules.



New Member

ACE 4710 FT failover failure


Thanks, I wasn't aware that preempt needed to be enabled for FT Tracking to work.

I believe I should be okay on the decrement, I have the FT primary at 210 and the peer at 120, is that what you are referring to?



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