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New Member

ACE 4710- Global Site load-balancing

Does the 4710 have a feature like global site load balancing like the CSS?

We have a site that will have 2 ISPs but we don't have our own block of IP addresses to advertise so we would need to use the ISPs IP blocks.  We've had issues in the past advertising one ISPs IP block out another ISP so I was wondering if there was a way we could configure the ACE similar to the way the CSS did global site load balancing.  Basically have the ACE act as a DNS server and respond back with the IP address of whichever ISP we wanted the end user to come in on and use a probe to ping the ISPs remote WAN IP to verify the circuit is passing traffic and resolve the correct IP if it's not.


Cisco Employee

Re: ACE 4710- Global Site load-balancing

ACE does not have DNS server functionality.

And these methods are not supported on the CSS anymore.

The solution we offer is to install a Cisco GSS (Global Site Selector) which can interact with the ACE or CSS or CSM to determine which vip is up or down.


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