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Community Member

ACE 4710 or CSS11501

I will buy an appliance with the main funcionality or idea of load balancing of web servers.

I heard that CSS is an obsolete hardware than goes to EOL and the new hardware is the ACE4710. Is it?

Could someone tell me the pricipal differences? Or could someone recomend me some of them?

Cisco Employee

Re: ACE 4710 or CSS11501

The CSS was created more than 10 years ago. It does a great job but we have stopped adding new features to it for some time now.

The Ace 4710 is the new product, designed 2 years ago and with a huge team of developpers still adding new features to ipv6 support coming soon.


Community Member

Re: ACE 4710 or CSS11501

Then, if i understand, the idea must be buy the ACE because it is the future. Is it?

Many thanks, Gilles.

Cisco Employee

Re: ACE 4710 or CSS11501

If there is a difference of price...maybe you'll want to go with the CSS.

This is a good product.

However, you need to be aware that if you want to grow in the future in this area and require some of the new stuff you will then need to switch to the ACE appliance.


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