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ACE 4710 Performance Problem

I have deployed a web application (company's Intranet website) in ACE appliance.
Now the customer is saying that ACE is degrading the performace of application

and also portal home page is very slow (usually when we have more than 30-40 concurrent access)

I have 2 doubts that require your kind comment:

1- configuration issue
2- license issue (mssing license from log...)


To better understand if the proble could be due ta a wrong configuration

(wrong-missing http compression/accel commands ?)

I've attached the config file of the context ad some stats-logs

From "sh license" commands it seem that the license file is not loaded !

I don't konw if the missing file could create severe performance issue.

We have tried with 30-70 concurrent conenctions only and

application WITH ACE are very slow...

without ACE (directly to real server) application (HTTP) has good response time.

thank a lot for your help

--- Domenico

Cisco Employee

Re: ACE 4710 Performance Problem


you don´t really know what´s the exact issue.

The first thing to do is define the problem...slow is not helpfull.

You need to capture the traffic with a sniffer trace and check where you see delays. Is it in the direction ace -> client or ace -> server or ???

To answer your specific questions, no the licence can´t be an issue here and no this is probably not related to probes.

If you want to just try something, remove optimization from the policy.

So remove the line "optimize http policy ONTHEMOVE-QUA-SSH-l7opt"



Community Member

Re: ACE 4710 Performance Problem


I agree with you that "slow" is so much generic but from customer point of


the new portal application is not usable with ACE.

I'm trying to prepare a simple diagram to clarify the flow path

from user -> to ACE -> to Tivoli IAM (TAM) -> to web portal (intranet web


I'm going also to update TAC service request but we

have applied yesterday the suggested change (remove optimization from


but the beahviour remain the same.

To collect trace in the same timeframe we have to activate ethereal on the

client, Tivoli server and web portalt

plus ACE tcpdump.

TAM = Tivoli Access Manager, I could send you mire info regarding this


(activated by an IBM partner) but I'm undestanding that is always in "the

middle" of the session

in order to check user credentials....

than a lot, regards

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