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ACE 4710 - QOS

                  I have a pair of ACE 4710 and I think I have all the failover configured correctly and it all appears to be working.  My question is regarding setting QOS on the physical interfaces that are part of my port channel.  I have qos trust cos enabled on all the interfaces in my port channel.  These interfaces are connected to a 3750 swith.  Do I need to configure QOS on the 3750 to allow the COS bit to pass through my 3750 to my peer?

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ACE 4710 - QOS


No, default QoS configuration for 3750 is when QoS is disabled. In this situation 3750 simply doesn't touch packets at all and pass QoS values unchanged. However it doesn't do any prioritization either.

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ACE 4710 - QOS

so in the case of the ACE4710 and the COS bit set to 7 do I need to set the QOS to prioritize the traffic so that I make sure the FT traffic get through first?  I understand now that it will pass the COS thats set by the ACE, but should I set the priority on the 3750?

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