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ACE 4710 - Server Stats -Port translation Severfarms

Good afternoon all,

Could anyone assist or point me in the right direction with a problem on a Cisco 4710 unit.

We are currenlty completing port translaton on a VIP [ Port 80 ] to a serverfarm of real servers listening on Port 7610 [ Oracle ].

When using the Management Gui on the ACE we can observer all the connections hitting the real servers in the serverfarm increment but the ' current connections ' remains at zero.

We have several other serverfams and vips where current connections are visibile and real server connections visible.

My initial thoughts are its related to the

Port Translation on Serverfarm

The 4710 was rebooted and lost SNMP config?

I have missed something on the config

Any pointers would be great.

Thanks Andy

Cisco Employee

ACE 4710 - Server Stats -Port translation Severfarms

Hi Andy,

None of the three possibilities you mentioned can explain your issue.

The first thing to do in this situation would be confirming from the CLI if the "show serverfarm" and "show serverfarm detail" commands show any connections for that farm. It could simply be that either the amount of connections it's receiving is very small or the servers are not receiving any connections for this serverfarm but they are receiving them for a different one.

If you see some connections for the serverfarm from the CLI but not through the GUI, then, I would recommend opening a TAC service request to have this investigated further.



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