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ACE and Microsoft ISA Servers


I’ve got a question regarding stickiness in relation to Microsoft ISA servers.  I have configured stickiness based on source ip address, but I understand that ISA servers reverse-proxy their client requests, hence making the requests look like they’re coming from only the ISA source ip addresses.  I am worried this will make even load-balancing difficult.

In the same environment we have 1000’s of other clients who will also be hitting the ACE looking for content.  My question is how do I differentiate requests coming from the ISA servers to those coming from the “normal” clients, so I can treat them differently (to try and balance them across all real servers)?

Normal clients I believe should be load-balanced, with stickiness based on source ip. However to distribute the ISA servers requests, perhaps I should base stickiness on something other than source ip, maybe cookie – or turn off stickiness and load-balancing for the requests?

Either way I presume I need to differentiate the traffic using class-maps, then use policy-maps to specify the action to take.  I would be grateful if someone could provide a sample config of how to do this.

If you need any more detail, please let me know.

Thanks in advance,


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