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ACE and switch move

I am in the process of moving my ACE device from one switch to another. It is currently configured with a 3-port etherchannel and I have one more port configured for management. This past weekend, I moved the four connections to the new switch. However, once I did this, the servers that are being load balanced on the ACE were no longer accessible. The status according to the GUI was ARP FAILED. When I logged into the CLI and did a "sh arp" it showed all the MAC addresses as 00.00....I set a static ARP entry to bypass the normal default learning time of 4 hours and it still didn't work. However, the management interface was no issue. I could access that immediately through the new switch. What am I missing here?

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ACE and switch move


ether-channel misconfiguration?

Would you mind including come configuration snippets from the admin context, and your etherchannel/vpc config ?

Cheers mate,

Søren Elleby Sørensen

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ACE and switch move

Nevermind, I think I was able to track down the problem. It was a simple typo that I missed in my initial troubleshooting. I will post configs if this doesn't fix it Thanks.

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