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ACE: cmd exec error with "copy startup-config running-config"


On the ACE console, as administrator when I do a

Lisa-ACE/Admin# copy startup-config running-config

I get lots of error messages like this:

`access-list PEOPLEFARM1NATACL line 10 extended permit ip host any `

*** Context 0: cmd exec error ***


`script file 1 LDAP_PROBE`

*** Context 0: cmd exec error ***



It is the same if the configuration is copied from a remote machine with

copy sftp:// running-config

- How can I avoid that?

I came across this problem because I would like to edit a file with the configuration and replace the current config with the one in the file.

Thanks in advance for your hints!

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Re: ACE: cmd exec error with "copy startup-config running-config

I noticed that all the errors are related to configuration commands that, in configuration mode, would cause a "duplicate" or "already exist" error (e.g commands such as "access-list", "script file" or "match" lines in a class-map).

So I reread the manual for "copy startup-config running-config"


and noticed that it says

"Merges contents of the startup configuration file into the running configuration file."

OK, this explains that (although a proper merge would not complain about duplicates); but I don't see much use for a merge from startup-config

(e.g. it cannot restore a previous state which is what I would like to do).

Although the manual for "copy sftp/.... running-config"


states "Specifies to replace the running-configuration file that currently resides on the ACE in RAM (volatile memory)."

it looks like that the behaviour is also a merge.


- What is the trick to edit a full configuration file on your workstation and load it to the ACE in the running configuration?

- Is there a "replace running-config" option or command?

I assume that copying to the startup config then rebooting the ACE would work, but I'd like to avoid that. Also putting lots of "no ..." statements in the proper order would be cumbersome and prone to errors; I'd rather have the system infer the dependencies among

the statements and do it for me.

Thanks in advance for your comments!


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