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Ace connection establishment


I have been reading the Ace configuration manual and other resources but cannot find clear answers. I would like to clarify the Ace behaviour for the following please (or recommended reading):

Q. How does the Ace handle connection establishment to a server with the sticky setting and pattern matching.

We have a custom protocol, and clients cannot be uniquely identified by their source ip/port.

As a result, we will be matching the layer4-payload with a regular expression for a unique user id in our custom protocol, and making this assignment sticky. The client also needs to log on to our server.

At which point does the Ace setup a full tcp/ip connection?

- after the pattern match?

- after the user logon?

- other?

That is, are we forced to pattern match every single packet? If not, how does the Ace recognise the client without matching the payload?



Re: Ace connection establishment

For a LAyer7 VIP ( includes url/Generic TCP payload parsing).Following are the steps

1. ACE matches the VIP

2. Replies to client with SYN_ACK

3. Starts buffering the Data

4. It parses the data & select Server on the basis of Payload matching

5. Sends SYN to the selected server ( behave like a client to server)

6. Sends all the data it collected in step 3 to server

7. Splices the flow between client & server (By adjusting SYN & ACK numbers from the above mentioned two flows).

Syed Iftekhar Ahmed

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