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ACE - Cookie secondary not working

Trying ACE secondary cookie and not able to get it working.

I guess, secondary cookie work, when the primary cookie is not present in the header ?

I have the following configuration on ACE A5(1.2)

sticky http-cookie PrimaryCookie test-sticky

  cookie secondary SecondaryCookie

  replicate sticky

When a connection is happening with both the cookie (or atleast the primary cookie), persistence works fine.

On few occation client is sending only the SecondaryCookie (no PrimaryCookie) in the header. I assume ACE will look into the secondary and maintain the persistence with the same rserver in the serverfarm. But it is not happening, ACE just forwards to a different rserver ?

Also anyway to find out whether secondary cookie specifically in database ?

Any help on this is highly appreciated.




ACE - Cookie secondary not working

Hello Santo-

  Sniffer traces would be useful to understand exactly what is going on in this scenario.  However, the way this typically works is that the server is configured to insert the same secondary cookie in both the Set-Cookie header and the HTML

URI.  ACE creates a sticky entry based on the Set-Cookie header of the server response.  Then, when client returns

with the same cookie value in the URL query, it is stuck to the same server.

"cookie secondary" is not meant to work independently of regular cookies.  It is meant to be a complementary feature for cases where the client has disabled cookies in their browser.  The server is still expected to insert a standard Set-Cookie header in the response.

As well, we don't store the values in readable format within the database, we actually store a hash of the value only.


Chris Higgins.

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