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ACE equivalent "oneconnect" BigIP feature

I'm in the process of replacing a BigIP with an ACE and looking for a feature on the ACE that is similar to the OneConnect feature of the BIGIP. This feature allows a single connection between the load balancer and the Apache server to be used for many http/https requests. The closest thing I have found is server reuse, in the http parameter maps, but have found almost no information on how to implement it.

Anyone familar with this feature that could help me out?


Re: ACE equivalent "oneconnect" BigIP feature

I am not sure what the feature "OneConnect" on the F5 side does technically. But from what i can tell it is exactly what you get with the "reuse" feature on the ACE. If you want to offload the amount of connections established to the server and service the flows with ACE module you do this with the "reuse" feature.

Instead of having n-clients connected with the webserver over n-flows you have them terminated on the ACE. So you have a more or less m:n association of TCP flows towards the ACE and 1:1(1:n) flow with the webserver.

What you do is create a parameter map which simply says activate reuse feature and then bind it to the policy which is in charge for the loadbalancing.

If you want to see how it is configured in detail just have a look at the "load balancing config guide" for the ACE.

Hope it helps


Re: ACE equivalent "oneconnect" BigIP feature

You need to create a http parameter map and apply it to the policy

parameter-map type http My-http-map

server-conn reuse

Policy-map multi-match client-vips

Class app1

Loadbalance vip inservice

Loadbalance policy app1-slb

appl-parameter http advance-options My-http-map



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Re: ACE equivalent "oneconnect" BigIP feature

Hi there,

I'm working through replacing BIGIP's with ACE and was wondering if you are using iRULEs and how the transition is going for you.

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