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ACE failover recovery from secondary to primary too fast


I have yet another question that I hope that you can help me with.

I have configured redundancy with interface tracking. When I reboot the primary or an interface on it goes down the switch to the secondary ACE works very well and there is almost no interruption.

However, when a tracked interface on the primary comes back up, the failover to the primary goes so fast that the probes have not yet entered in SUCCESS state and the servers are unreachable for a while (I did not time it but I think around 40 seconds). Is there a way to slow down the process of making the primary active when it again has all the tracked interfaces available (or even better is there a way to get "no preempt" to work when using tracked interfaces)?

We are running version A3(2.3) on two ACE 4710s.

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Re: ACE failover recovery from secondary to primary too fast

I can't comment on the timer, but I do know that on ACE-20 modules, you can't only do preempt on one unit, and not another in an HA pair.

The only thing you can do is to not preempt on the tracked SVI interface in IOS on MSFC.

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