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ACE http-cookie stickiness

Hey guys, recently i deployed the ACE for load balancing http application.

I used http-cookie stickiness for Session Persistence. I use cookie-insert option to insert the cookie generated by ACE itself.

But after this, i can not see any sticky database entry.

and i found some explanation about this:

then i tried the command follow the example:

show sticky database http-cookie <cookie-value>

but still can not see any entry.

the cookie-value was found by

Anyone familiar with this can give me an answer ?

Thanks a lot.


Re: ACE http-cookie stickiness

There is a difference between inserting an ACE-generated cookie or using one learned by the ACE. The cookie-insert feature creates a static cookie.

To look at static cookies you need to use the command:

show sticky database static



New Member

Re: ACE http-cookie stickiness

thank u very much fist.

I knew the difference, but "show sticky database static" can not determine the client is hitting which server.

that why I use "show sticky database http-cookie ", the cookie-value was captured by some http-analyzer.

but i still can not see any entry.

Cisco Employee

Re: ACE http-cookie stickiness

there are 2 database.

One for static entries and one for dynamic entries.

Every show command that does not include the static keyword will look into the dynamic database.

So, you won't see anything by using those commands.

I have personally modified the code in version A2(1.4) so that the static cookie value is displayed in the 'show stick data static'.

You can then match your cookie to a particular server.

Until then, there is no equivalent command.

You could perform some test to identify which cookie is sent to which server.

The cookie value is static, so the number of value is limited to the number of servers.


New Member

Re: ACE http-cookie stickiness

Thanks Gilles for the reply.

I am using ACE with version A3(2.1).

The “sticky-entry” in "show sticky data static"is a hash of the cookie-value set by ACE for the real server. so i need to use "show sticky database http-cookie " to determine which server are serving the client.

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