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ACE is there a limit to serverfarm upload

Hi All

I am having a strange issue with a context on an ACE module, there are 2 Secure Web servers (HTTPS) which have data uploaded to them, this is working fine until the data exceeds around 4Gig in size for a single file, smaller files are uploaded with no problem or a large file split into a smaller arrangment works with no issues. bypassing the ACE works as expected and the large file can be uploaded.

ACE 2.3(4) is the version of software,

the trace below shows a packet capture between client (Laptop) and server

client -> rServer          tcp open (three way handshake)

client->rServer            SSLv2 Client Hello

rServer -> client          TLSv1 Server Hello, Certificate, Server Hello Done

client->rServer            TLsv1 Client Key Exchange

client-> rServer           TLsv1 Change Ciper Spec

client->rServer           TLsv1 Finished

rServer -> client          TLSv1 Change cipher spec

rServer-> client           TLSv1 Finished

client-> rServer           PUT /transfer/65c4355a-fc60-4a81-9abb-8f35a8eb032d/file HTTP/1.1, Content-Length: 4380329984

rServer->client            HTTP 302, redirect to <redirect URL>

rServer -> client         TLSv1 Alert (Close Notify)

client-> rServer           Continues with the upload of the put data

Regards Craig


ACE is there a limit to serverfarm upload

It's probably related to the way the ACE manages TCP connections. i've heard about similar issues on other load balancers.

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