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New Member

ACE module Ping Issue

Dear friends;

I have ACE module in Cat. 6513 , I great new context with ip sticky the configuration working fine but there an issue , Some users VLAN didn't able to connect to real Server and VIP ( ping or  web server ) but the other users VLAN working and able to connect the real Server and VIP ( ping or web server)

when put interface VLAN on cat. 6513 all user VLAN able to connect to server fine

I return configuration back to ACE with the same issue but i put new PC in the same VLAN without any configuration on ACE for that PC and all user able to ping only the PC

I permit all traffic in both direction in both client-VLAN and server-VLAN

I have other context with same configuration for the same type of servics and working for all users VLAN

kindly advise

Ahmed A.Wahed

Cisco Employee

Re: ACE module Ping Issue

Hello Ahmed,

Can you send post a scrubed configuration for the associated server/vip, etc.?  

Are you running in bridge or routed mode?

Are you source nating client connections? If not, have you validated the rservers routing?.. Sounds like asymetric traffic, but would need to confirm your configuration and your server's routing table.. Start by checking these items if you haven't done so already.


New Member

Re: ACE module Ping Issue

hello Stmccahbe

I running in route mode without Source NAT

and only there a  default route in server to ACE and default route from ACE to 6513


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