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ACE module questions. Configuring FT standby and resource-classes

I have 2 questions that I was hoping someone could help me answer. I believe they are fairly simple. I just need some clarification.

When I define a resource class like this :

resource-class Development

limit-resource all minimum 3.00 maximum equal-to-min

If this resource is assigned 3 members does that now become 3 x 3.00 = 9.00? Or is that 3.00 total for all 3 members in the group?

My 2nd question is configuring a FT standby ACE module. I have an ACE module with a total of 13 contexts. (Admin + 12) If I log onto the Admin context of the FT standby module and configure the FT vlan, group, etc. will the rest of the configuration for the Admin and 12 context automatically be sync'd from the active ACE module? Including SSL certs, etc? Or do I need to precreate these things ahead of time?




Re: ACE module questions. Configuring FT standby and resource-cl

Each context will get 3.

You will have to copy the SSL keys & certs only on the secondary. Apart from keys & certs all the other configs in each context will be replicated to secondary by just configuring Secondary's Admin context & related FT config in Admin context.


Syed Iftekhar Ahmed

New Member

Re: ACE module questions. Configuring FT standby and resource-cl

Thanks Syed. I appreciate the quick response!

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