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ACE redirect with SSL and subdirectory

I want to have a serverfarm that has the ability to do the following:

1.  When user types in, the user is redirected to

2.  When user types in, the user is redirected to

3.  SSL rewrite occurs for both

I have configured this and everything works fine with some exceptions on the redirects.

A.  I cannot get #2 above to work.  Only the http to https redirect works.  Is there a different way to get to to work?

B.  When using #1 above, the user clicks on a link on the page and the link seems to take the user back to my original http: to https: redirect instead of using the URL in the link that was clicked.  I am using a "webhost-redirection https://%h/portal/default.aspx 302" for my rserver redirect.  I have tried a variety of other ways.  If I choose "webhost-redirection https://%h/portal/%p 302, then I end up getting which obviously doesn't work either.  The only way I can seem to get the redirect to work properly is if I have it done on the server itself ( to

Is this a common issue for http to https: redirect with subdirectories?

Is there a way I can force the ACE to change any URLs from http to https so that after the initial 302 redirect, any link clicked will change http to https?



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Re: ACE redirect with SSL and subdirectory

Please show us your config, especially the 'ssl url rewrite' part.

Cisco Employee

Re: ACE redirect with SSL and subdirectory

The problem is most probably your class-map which catches too much url (including the ones not to be redirected).

Without the config and a sniffer trace to see the http requests and responses, it will be difficult to help you.


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