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ACE: Standby module constantly rebooting


I recently upgraded my ACE-modules from A2(1.4a) to A2(2.3) and at first everything seemed fine.

But subsequently, my standby-module has gone haywire. It has gone into a constant state of rebooting, only staying alive for a max. of 10-15 min. After rebooting, FT places standby-module in FSM_FT_STATE_STANDBY_HOT and going thorugh the various logs, I see no indications that config_sync has failed. The 6509-syslog reports the following:

Jan 25 12:55:13.160 CET: %SNMP-5-MODULETRAP: Module 7 [Down] Trap
Jan 25 12:55:13.160 CET: SP: The PC in slot 7 is shutting down. Please wait ...
Jan 25 12:55:23.168 CET: SP: PC shutdown completed for module 7
Jan 25 12:55:23.168 CET: %C6KPWR-SP-4-DISABLED: power to module in slot 7 set off (Reset)
Jan 25 13:00:33.447 CET: %DIAG-SP-6-RUN_COMPLETE: Module 7: Running Complete Diagnostics...
Jan 25 13:00:33.507 CET: SP: ******************************************************************
Jan 25 13:00:33.507 CET: SP: * WARNING:
Jan 25 13:00:33.507 CET: SP: * EOBC Stress Ping test on module 7 may take up to 3min.
Jan 25 13:00:33.507 CET: SP: * During this time, please DO NOT perform packet switching on the module.
Jan 25 13:00:33.507 CET: SP: ******************************************************************

Jan 25 13:00:45.551 CET: %SNMP-5-MODULETRAP: Module 7 [Up] Trap
Jan 25 13:00:45.551 CET: %SVCLC-5-SVCLCVTPMODE: VTP mode is set to non-transparent
Jan 25 13:00:45.511 CET: %DIAG-SP-6-DIAG_OK: Module 7: Passed Online Diagnostics
Jan 25 13:00:45.715 CET: %OIR-SP-6-INSCARD: Card inserted in slot 7, interfaces are now online
Jan 25 13:01:35.563 CET: %SVCLC-5-FWTRUNK: Firewalled VLANs configured on trunks

And this scenario is repeated every 10-15 min.

I've though the release-notes for A2(2.3) and looked at the open caveats, particularly those pertaining to reboots (CSCsx41858, CSCsy91540, CSCtc88730, CSCtd69388) but can't quite determine, if any of theese relate to my problem. In addition to this, I see an increasing number of HB's missed and Unidirectional HB's received, but I've detected no problems with the FT-vlan.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so, is there a known solution?



Re: ACE: Standby module constantly rebooting

Problem (solved).

I spoke to our Cisco partner and they've had similar experiences with other customers in the immediate aftermath of an upgrade. The reboot is apparently caused by a DRAM ECC Error on Channel [id], which is displayed when connection a console directly to the ACE during bootup. The contents of core:ixp1_crash explained in more in detail.

So no need to reply to this message. Just wanted to post the problem for future reference.


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