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ACE-TCP RST, ACE initiated RST

Hello members,

What is the command to identify if ACE is initiating TCP RST?

Is there a way to overcome or change timers/window/ect, if ACE do initiate TCP RST?

Thanks in advance members.


Re: ACE-TCP RST, ACE initiated RST

There are some default timeouts e.g. idle tcp sessions 60 minutes. You can change those if desired.

Create a TCP Parameter Map change what you want and apply it globally. If you want to check what happens with a flow you imho need to capture packets in the corresponding context.

Maybe someone else has even better advice.


Cisco Employee

Re: ACE-TCP RST, ACE initiated RST

you can use the following command to see the TCP stats.

show np 1 me-stats "-s tcp"

There are RESET counters.

However, you don't know why the reset was generated and modifying all kind of parameters without knowing the true cause of the RESET is a little bit dangerous.

You should capture a sniffer trace and try to understand the reason of the reset.


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Re: ACE-TCP RST, ACE initiated RST

Thanks Giles.

Very useful command

show np 1 me-stats "-s tcp"

I'll look at the capture file that was done couple of days ago.

I'm attaching the show output, just collected. Any clues will be appriciated.


switch/001_snippedcus# show np 1 me-stats "-s tcp"

TCP Statistics: (Current)


TCP RX messages received: 0x50bc5841

TCP RX unknown messages: 0

TCP RX racing messages (fin): 6815

TCP RX racing messages (forward): 199102

TCP RX racing messages (conn create): 170

TCP TX messages received: 0x41fa25a8

TCP TX Hi Priority messages received: 14002856

TCP TX unknown messages: 0

TCP TX racing messages (connect): 7

TCP TX racing messages (data): 1884954

TCP TX racing messages (proxy): 8066793

Reproxy message received: 0x073533fd

Data messages received: 0x2a741cdc

TCP connect message received: 0x02639a8a

Ack trigger message received: 3036

Unproxy req. message received: 0x07d7f2ce

Unproxy rsp. message received: 0x07cacdc4

TCP accepted msgs sent: 0x01343370

TCP connected msgs sent: 0x0263408b

Conn_ctrl msgs sent: 5029091

Buffer alloc failed: 0

Invalid msg ring id: 1218

Start retrans timer: 0x1f175a0c

Start ackdelay timer: 0x171d7346

Start persist timer: 300659

Start timewait timer: 0

Delete act timer: 0x16ee4b8f

Delete rtp timer: 0x1e3ee16d

Connections unproxying: 0x07cacfa5

Connections unproxying canceled by TCP: 833690

Connections unproxying canceled by app: 156752

Connections unproxying immediate reproxy 0x0315f058

Connections unproxying flush retransq: 0x07c2788a

Connections unproxying flush inputq: 0x02167109

Connections unproxied: 0x04829af2

Connections reproxied: 0x039a94a0

Drop reproxy msg queue full: 2916

Drop control msg: 7972

Drops due to FastTX queue full: 0

Drops due to Fastpath queue full: 0

Drops due to HTTP queue full: 134145

Drops due to SSL queue full: 0

Drops due to AI queue full: 0

ACK past SEQ: 36504

Unproxy rsp post failed: 207

Drops due to invalid proxy id: 0

(Context ALL Statistics)

Handshakes completed: 0x0395731f

Handshakes failed: 150512

Packets received to app: 0x2ad1fc92

Packets sent to network: 0x57f27343

Segs outside window: 524277

Dup ACKs received: 0

Dup ACK limit met: 0

Malformed TCP options: 0

Reassemble segs: 806787

Nagled data segs: 0

Retransmitted data segs: 0x065e16c4

Round-trip timeouts: 10595624

Round-trip timeout limit met: 385691

Persist timeouts: 70351

..... see attachment, as this exceeds char limits

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Re: ACE-TCP RST, ACE initiated RST

Hi Gilles,

I have a screenshot of a capture and thinking of sharing this in private, if your time permits. Please let me know.



Cisco Employee

Re: ACE-TCP RST, ACE initiated RST

I had a look to your data but can't tell the reason for the resets.

Another command you could collec is

show np 1 me-stat "-s icm"

It will tell us if there was connection time out.

If you need to send me private data, you can do it to

I'll answer only if time allows me to.


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Re: ACE-TCP RST, ACE initiated RST


Thank you verymuch for this offer. I'll send the details direct to you.

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