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ACE - unable to execute various show commands. Error: Called API timed out

Hi I am runnng version A2(2.3)  on a HA ACE setup.

I have noticed today that issuing various show commands such as 'show run' and 'show probe' on the active ACE have suddenly stopped working. On hitting return the ACE sits there for a while non respondant before finally outputting an Error: Called API timed out and then returning to the command prompt. It only seems to happen on show commands that would generate a lot of output, for example a 'show version' works. I have also noticed a delay sometimes in logging into the active ACE which has again only come to light today.

We havent made any changes recently and this behavior has not been seen before.

I could only find one similar posting which kind of suggested that a high logging level may be to blame for this issue, we are running at debugging level but have since the ACE's were brought into play over 12 months ago (yep i know logging at that level is far from ideal).

Production traffic does not seem to be affected at present.

Apart from reudcing the logging level I am not sure what else could be causing this issue, has anyone come across this one before?

Unfortunaltey the 'show resource usgae in one of the commands that wont work'

A 'show cpu'  command shows nothing above 10%

Though multiple context are configured (3), the default resource allocation is in place between all three.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Cisco Employee

Re: ACE - unable to execute various show commands. Error: Called

This is often due to MTS buffer leak.

The problem has been corrected with the following ddts.

CSCte83727    PCI write, PCI TX Q full path PCI_HI Dst Mod ixp1/0

You need A2(2.4).

There is no way to recover except a reboot.


Community Member

Re: ACE - unable to execute various show commands. Error: Called

Thanks for the response I will take a look at that Bug ID.

In the end as you have already suggested above I ended up failing across to the standby ACE and powering down/up  the affected ACE module from the switch CLI. This seems to have restored all functionality. Even a soft reload command prior on the affected ACE didnt take affect.

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