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ACE30 and popup windows


we use ACE30 module, ver. A4(1.0) for access to intranet application.

The https connection from client is terminated on ACE module, LB algorithm is used and new SSL connection is initiated to the rserver.

Standard operation works without problems.

But when user generates a .xls od .pdf report in the application, it should open in a new popup window. Problem is, that it does not (but on the server, the report is generated and stored).

The PC and browser are configured fine, when accessing the application from the same PC directly (bypassing the ACE module), the popup window appears.

Is there a way to make this work with ACE?

Thank you,


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ACE30 and popup windows

Hi Lubomir,

Without knowing how your appliaction is supposed to work, it's very hard to give you an answer, but it could be that the application needs to be modified so that the address of the VIP instead of the real address of the server is returned on the link to the report.

Anyway, to really see what is going on, I would recommend you to get traffic captures on both sides of the ACE while doing a test connection. Since these captures will be encrypted, you can either use the SSL private key from the ACE and server to decrypt the connections, or, assuming your applciation supports it, disabling the SSL part of the configuration during the test (to get the captures in plain HTTP)



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ACE30 and popup windows

Hi Daniel,

thank you for the answer. I finally got the answer from the programmers yesterday. There really were problems with fixed (not relative) references in the code. Since corrections have been made, everything works fine.

I was not sure, if there are not some obstacles (in ACE) when opening new connection (popup window). Now I see the ACE config was correct.

Thanks again.


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