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ACNS 5.0 and autoregistration - DHCP question

I'm setting up ACNS 5.0 for the first time and I would like to use DHCP for autoregistration of the remote CEs. Can anyone tell me how you need to setup the DHCP server to support this? The cisco docs state that you should have a server capable of handling vendor class option 43, and that the DHCP server needs to send the CDM host name as code 0x01.

I'm using a Microsoft DHCP server, and as best as I can figure, it supports vendor-specific-options (option 43), but when I try to go add the cdm host name as code id 1, it says it has to have a number between 2 and 255. Is this a limitation of microsoft's DHCP server, or am I just going about this allllll the wrong way?



Re: ACNS 5.0 and autoregistration - DHCP question

From what I know, you must have a DHCP server that is configured with the host name of the Content Distribution Manager and that is capable of handling vendor class option 43 for autoregistration to work. So you could try with a different code number which Microsoft's DHCP server supports and check if it works. See the document for config details.

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