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ACNS 5.1 CE CIFS Server

Does anyone know how to map a drive to a content engine running ACNS 5.1 with the cifs server enable and sharing all web sites. I am having trouble getting past the login window.

The setup is




Windows XP workstation

All on same subnet and from the CDM GUI I enabled the cifs server and shared all websites for the content engine. I am using CEUser for authentication and setup a username and cifs password on the content engine. When I try to map a drive I get an error message saying "This workstation is not authorized to connect from here"



Re: ACNS 5.1 CE CIFS Server

One possible reason I could think of was that default authentication method for cifs server is ce-user. But you seem to be using the right username/password combination. Please share your findings.

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Re: ACNS 5.1 CE CIFS Server

First off, test setup I used.



Origin Webserver of Channel:

Client is Windows 2000 (Its probably similar for WinXP)

The solution is a non Cisco fix so to speak, from past experience its worth searching google for Samba related queries as thats the CIFS functionality.

The reason it won't map is samba requires unencrypted passwords in the CE implementation. I found out before that XP behaves differently because it knows a CE is running Samba.

Set global login for CE to be CE-USER under CIFS, share the website in my case just as the path.

On the CE create the User, password and Cifs password. (ie username cher password cher, username cher cifs-password etc)

Then on your client Control Panel->Admin Tools->Local Security Policy->Local Policies->security options, look for "Send unecrypted passwords to third party SMB servers", change the policy setting to enabled, reboot the client and try mapping a drive using:

net use * \\\ /user:cher

.151 is the CE, .200 is the channel share name you configured earlier and cher is a skinny bird who looks good for her age!

For info, if you use the public option you can browse without doing any of the above just map a drive to

the CE and it should all work.

All tested using ACNS on 565A's and 510A's

Sorry its a long answer but I like them that way.


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