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ACNS 5.5 / Troubleshooting bad quality VIDEO (MMS-over-http)

Hello community,

For an unexplanable reason I have to deal with an ACNS problem which is not my domain at all ! ACNS 5.5.15 is on a WAE-512-K9 working with CDM.

Please can someone advice me on how to start the basic troubleshooting steps on the following issue :

- Users in Sydney are complaining of bad quality when they watch a video from an Intranet server in Frankfurt.
Video flow has bad quality (buffering ..) and/or stops before the end of the video.

- Users browsers are configured to use the WAE as local proxy on ports 3129 (.pac file). Requested Video on the intranet is in the Windows Media format and flows are MMS-over-http.

- No multicast distribution is used, neither content pre-positioning.

We did a wireshark trace on the user PC watching a video which ends up unexpectidely with error code 500 => We follow the TCP stream, Time/Sequence graph is linear until ACNS sent [PSH,ACK] tcp flags to the user PC. Then PC answers with [FIN, ACK] etc...and the stream ends.

I have checked the show-tech (i have attached some commands from the sh tech)  especially TCP statistics but I do not if the values are normal or not.

I am thinkink to open a TAC case but before contacting Cisco I prefer to try some basic tests if they can help.
Any recommendation on how to start a troubleshoot or any advice would be gretly appreciated.


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