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ACNS cache search order

I have a couple of general questions about ACNS operation.

In an ACNS deployment with both pushed (pre-postitioned) and cached (on-demand) content (i.e. CDN and transparent proxy, say) if content for a channel has partially been distributed overnight, what will be the CE behaviour if the client requests content that has not yet been distributed?

e.g. A channel has some VOD content. Overnight, 50% of this content is pushed down to the Edge CE.

A client loads the page associated with the VOD content and clicks on the link for a VOD file that has not yet replicated. What will happen?

Will the CE check the CFS to see if a "traditonally" cached copy of this content is available?

If not available, will it then request the content via normal operation for a cache-miss?

What would be the result if prior to CDN channel creation and content distribution to the CE, a copy of the content had been requested by the client, downloaded and cached in the CFS.

Would the CE deliver subsequent content requests from CDNFS or CFS?

I guess a wider question is in what order does the CE search disk partitions for content? CDNFS then CFS (or MediaFS then CFS for streaming content?)

Many thanks for any light you can shed on this!




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