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ACNS CE-560 with local websense and ICAP Trend antivirus


I have a CE-560 running ACNS 5.1 with local websense integration. This is running without problems. I have a Trend Viruswall in front of this. Clients are set up with proxy pointing to Trend, which in turn points to CE-560 as proxy. CE-560 then do websense url filter and gets content from internet.

Do to performance issues with the standalone Trend viruswall as proxy, I want to set up ICAP integration from CE-560 to Trend (IWSS).

Has anybody experience with doing both websense and ICAP on a CE-560 ?

I am not sure what will happen first when a client points to the CE-560 as proxy:

- Will it hit websense or ICAP Trend first ?

any ideas or suggestions are welcomed.

Here is an example config on websense/ICAP integration:

ContentEngine(config)#websense-server enable

ContentEngine(config)#url-filter http websense server local

ContentEngine(config)#url-filter http websense enable

ContentEngine(config)# icap apply all

ContentEngine(config)# icap service trend-reqmod

ContentEngine(config-icap-service)# enable

ContentEngine(config-icap-service)# vector-point reqmod-precache

ContentEngine(config-icap-service)# server icap://

ContentEngine# exit

ContentEngine# icap service trend-respmod

ContentEngine(config-icap-service)# enable

ContentEngine(config-icap-service)# vector-point respmod-precache

ContentEngine(config-icap-service)# server icap://

ContentEngine# exit

regards rolf


Re: ACNS CE-560 with local websense and ICAP Trend antivirus

There is a bug documented with an issue of interoperabilty with acns and trend. The bug id is CSCec8585. check if this applies to you as well.

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