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ACNS Root Content Engine Failover Selection

Does anyone know what is the selection criteria for the election (if you will) of a secondary root content engine for a channel? If I have five content engines assigned to one channel and the root content engine I selected for the channel fails, which content engine takes it's place and assumes root? Is it by highest IP address, etc?

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Re: ACNS Root Content Engine Failover Selection


The first thing to note is that only CEs in the same location as the Root CE (i.e. the Root Location) can become backup Root CEs. The list of backup Root CEs is created by a hash function using various internal values.

In ACNS 5.2 we added the ability to influence the order in which CEs are used as backup Root CEs. You can set this preference in the CDM under:

Devices > Devices > Prepositioning > Location Leader and Forwarder

Adjust the slider for the Location Leader Preference. The higher the preference, the more likely a CE is to the become the Location Leader (note that the Location Leader in the Root Location is also the Root CE).

Hope this helps.


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