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ACNS - static bypass and ICAP URL filtering

Hello ACNS and CE experts,

I haven't got my hands on a Cache Engine yet. I'd appreciate if anyone with experience could shed some lights on me.

Warning: below is a very strange question but it is a current design requirement as well as for selecting the right hardware/software.

Q) If I use an external ICAP server for URL filtering and having a CE acting as an ICAP client, and when a URL request is permitted, can I configure a Cache Engine NOT to service the permitted URL request by having the CE sending the request back to the WCCPv2 router as "unservice" so that the request would be just forwarded to the origin server?

In short, the requirement is NOT to cache any permitted URL requests/content (at least not for now).

Can I configure a Cache Engine to statically bypass (the caching function) for any client to any server? Or would that also stops a CE from sending the URL request to an external ICAP server?

Thank you for your help in advance.


Re: ACNS - static bypass and ICAP URL filtering

Basic Cache Software Router Configurations for HTTP Traffic and WCCPv2 (transparent & reverse-proxy) :

Configuring Cache Engine for Transparent Redirection and Cache HTTP Proxy Requests Using WCCPv2 :

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