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Action-List - Multiples

I currently have an action-list configured under a Policy-Map. The Action-List looks for a certain Header Value and Rewrites it slightly modifying the Header Value. I need to apply another Action-List to the same Policy-Map but am not sure how to do it. It only allows me to specify one action-list. I currently have the action-list configured under the 'class class-default' within the policy-map. DO I need to create two new classes and use these to apply one action-list each?

action-list type modify http LOCATION_REWRITEQQQ

header rewrite response location header-value "" replace ""

policy-map type loadbalance first-match QQQ-Sticky

class class-default

sticky-serverfarm QQQ-Sticky


I need to look for and rewrite it with https.

There are very specific URLs within the Host Header so I cannot use a wildcard.

I know I can do a rServer redirect to HTTPS but for some reason I cannot use that logic in this situation..


Re: Action-List - Multiples

Hi Philip Wightman,

To specify the SSL URL, SSL port, and clear port for rewrite, use the ssl url rewrite location command. SSL URL rewrite changes the redirect URL from http:// to https:// in the Location response header from the server before sending the response to the client. By doing so, it allows you to avoid nonsecure HTTP redirects because all client connections to the web server will be SSL, thus ensuring the secure delivery of HTTPS content back to the client. Use the no form of this command to remove the SSL rewrite specification from the configuration.

ssl url rewrite location expression [sslport number1] [clearport number2]

no ssl url rewrite location expression [sslport number1] [clearport number2]

Usage Guidelines

After you create an action list and configure an HTTP redirect URL for SSL, you must associate the action list with a Layer 3 and Layer 4 policy map. For details, see the Cisco Application Control Engine Module Server Load-Balancing Configuration Guide.


To specify SSL URL rewrite using the default SSL port of 443 and clear port of 80, enter:

host1/Admin(config)# action-list type modify http HTTP_MODIFY_ACTLIST

host1/Admin(config-actlist-modify)# ssl url rewrite location

In this case, the ACE rewrites all HTTP redirects to as and forwards them to the client.

Use the following URL :

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Re: Action-List - Multiples

Thanks for the response. This still leads to the same problem. I have TWO URLs I need to rewrite that are specific.


I want to rewrite...

as well as...

but NOT rewrite


I want to be specific in which ones I rewrite. The manual you have quoted is too generic in what my options are. As I mentioned earlier in my post, this works if I use a specific action list but I need more the one action list for the specific URLs I am rewriting.

I appreciate the help.

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