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Active active sites with GSS 4400


I have a customer with two sites lets say A and B. The sites have a connection between them for internal traffic they will have two identical server farms on each site.

They plan to deploy web based applications that need to be reachable by external (internet) and internal users. They require the following functionality:

Internal users

Users on site A get sent to a VIP on site A

Users on site B get sent to a VIP on site B

If either VIP fails (due to server farm or ACE failure etc) all internal users get sent accross the internal link to the VIP that is still up.

External Users

Get sent to the best VIP based on some criteria such as proximity or IP address of requesting DNS server. If one site fails then everyone gets sent to the remaining site.

Oh and the replies need to be sticky.

Would a GSS per site and an ACE load balancer per site be enough to accomplish this ?

Also can I have different selection criteria for VIP slection depending on if the requesting DNS server is internal or external for example DNS race for external and IP address for internal ?



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