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Add additional Interface at a ACE in HA and to an alredy active context


I have a question about the ACE 4710. I have running two boxes in Active / Hotstandby mode.

At the boxes there is running an admin context and addtionally a Loadbalancing context. There are alredy 3 VLAN's where the boxes does already lobalance serives in. Classic connection with a 4 port - Gigabit-Ethernet-Channel.

Now there is a serverfarm for some reasons placed in another VLAN what does the ACE not know. I think it should not be a problem to allow a new VLAN at the Portchannel...

but when I setup the new VLAN Interface with IP-Address / Alias IP addres and Peer ip address.. there I am not shure if can do this on the fly and the box continues work or will this have an influence on the HA ?

The other thing what I am not shure about is: what will happen at the loadbalancing context adding the new vlan interface...

Within the admin context:

context Loadbalancing

  allocate-interface vlan 200

  allocate-interface vlan 300

  allocate-interface vlan 400

  allocate-interface vlan 5      This will be the new VLAN-Interface....

  member class1

Will the context Loadbalancing and all the defintions about serverfarms / rservers and so on remain? and the box does at this moment continue Loadbalancing the traffic... or is there any danger to loose the Loadbalancing context ?

Any tipps about the correct steps that keeps the box alive with adding a new VLAN interface will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help.



Add additional Interface at a ACE in HA and to an alredy active

Hi Gerhard,

Yes, you should not have any issue.

However you can follow these generals suggestions:

1) Do a checkpoint on both units:

#  checkpoint create INSERTING-VLAN

2) Save a backup of your configuration on a FTP server

Hope this helps.


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