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ANM 2.0 and CSS Management


I've just started looking at ANM 2.0 and have found that ANM 2.0 defaults to use telnet to manage CSS devices. Is there a way to force ANM to use SSH to manage CSSes?

In the ANM add device dialogue, there are no options visible to specify telnet / ssh management options for CSS devices.

I can only specify username, password and SNMP community.

Can't find anything in the manual about this topic, but protocols for managing IOS, GSS and ACE are well explained.


Re: ANM 2.0 and CSS Management

You can choose to use Telnet or SSH to import a Catalyst 6K or 7600 device in ANM. Telnet is enabled by default on the Catalyst chassis. If you have disabled Telnet on the device, you will need to enable it, to perform "Initial Setup and import" of an ACE module. If you wish to directly import an ACE module into ANM, Telnet is not mandatory on a Catalyst 6K device.

If you use SSH to communicate with the device: SSH2 must be enabled on the chassis, as well as the ACE module, in order for the ANM to add device information about the chassis. The chassis must have a K9 (Triple Data Encryption Standard [3DES]) software image in order to enable the SSH server. The ANM requires SSH2 to be enabled on the chassis.

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Re: ANM 2.0 and CSS Management

Thanks for that, but my question was about the CSS. Explicitly the non-chassis version CSS1150x family.

Anyone know how to get ANM 2.0 to manage those using SSH?

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