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ANM web services - Get operational state of an SfRserver

Is there any way to obtain the operational state of a serverfarm realserver via the ANM (4.1) web services API?  The SfRserver data type includes the admin state (i.e. IS, ISS, or OOS) but I dont see a field for the operational state.  The ANM web GUI displays both an admin state and an operational state for a serverfarm realserver -- with the operational state indicating the latest probe status for the real server (e.g. "Up" or "Probe Failed") and I would like to obtain the same information but using the ANM web services interface.

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Re: ANM web services - Get operational state of an SfRserver

Hello Andrew,

The API for ANM is purely for configuration, it does not return anything other than configuration.  The state of "inservice" or "out of service" relates to the command under the rserver:

rserver host Server05

ip address

inservice <======= **Here**

The probe states don't relate to the configuration, so the API doesn't have a plugin to that information.

However - You could use SNMP seperately to gathter that probe state directly from the ACE and intigrate that into the page you are executing the API for.


Chris Higgins

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