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Applying a service policy on an ACE vlan

Hi All

Our ACE is held at a remote site and i just want to apply a Service policy on the client vlan which is also

our mgmt/access vlan.

As i am new to ACE s i thought i  would run it past you guyst before i apply it - I am not going to lose

connectivity to my ACE am i -

Heres the Service policy -

policy-map multi-match CLIENT-VIPS

  class VIP-150

    loadbalance vip inservice

    loadbalance policy lb-logic

class-map match-all VIP-150

  2 match virtual-address xx.xx.xx.150 any

I was going to apply it  on vlan 121

int vlan 121

service-policy input CLIENT-VIPS

Now the way i read it

- it should only affect access to the virtual address specified

Its not going to cut off my access to the ACE by only allowing

that address through is it ?

Could be a career damaging move if so for me

Thanks for your advice


Community Member

Applying a service policy on an ACE vlan

Hello Steve,

If you are not modifying the MGMT class or policy, you do not need to worry about, like you mentioned, this LB policy is just intended to allow connections to that VIP, nothing else.

As always it is a good practice to not apply this during production time, as well you can create a test context, where you can test all this without using the production context, so you can play safe and learn at the same time.

Thanks, hope this help.

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