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Authgroup certs with same Subject

I've got an authgroup set up to authenticate Client Certs in inbound SSL connections.  Initially the authgroup had one CA certificate from each of our RSA and MSFT CAs and all was well.  Well for some reason the MSFT admin reissued his CA cert and started signing new clients.  Once they noticed the new certs didn't work through the ACE, they asked me to upload the new MSFT CA cert.   So I did and added it to the authgroup.  However new Client Certs still didn't work.  I noticed the authrgoup listed the new MSFT CA Cert last, so I temporarily removed the older CA MSFT CA Cert from the authgroup and then the new Client certs validate.   But if I put the older MSFT CA Cert back in the authgroup (as it's still required) it goes back ahead of the newer one and the new Client Certs start failing again.   So it seems like the fact that the two MSFT CA Certs have the same Subject might be fouling up the authentication, with the search through the authgroup possibly terminating at the first Subject match.

Anyone know if this is the case and if there's a way around it?

I'm running A2(3.6a) on an ACE20 in a 6500 whose sup is running 12.2(33) SXI11.  

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Hi ,we have the same problem

Hi ,

we have the same problem with ACE30 A5(2.1e). Did you find a solution for your problem? Thanks for any ideas.




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I set up a second SSL proxy

I set up a second SSL proxy with a different authgroup and a different port.  I put the two confilicting CA certs in the separate authgroups. When the CA check fails in the first group, the user is redirected to the second proxy.  This also lets you get around the limit of 4 certs in an authgroup, which is useful in a development environment with many CAs.

Cisco Employee

Hi J,Can you share the

Hi J,

Can you share the configuration. It could be useful example for others to follow.



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Hi All, thank you for the

Hi All,


thank you for the quick reply, we have implemented exactly the same workaround finally. authentication-failure + redirecty to second proxy/port with different auth group configured.





Cisco Employee

Hi,You may be interested in


You may be interested in this: CSCtg00135



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