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Cabling the CSS 11501

I have never worked with Content service switches so here's my question: Are my 2 web servers that I am trying to load balance suppose to be plugged into the CSS 11501?

The way I have it now is the servers are both plugged into a switch and the switch has a cable to the CSS. Plus I have the cable from the ethernet management port in the switch to for web interface access. Is this correct?

Cisco Employee

Re: Cabling the CSS 11501

the servers can be connected the way you did.

Just make sure you have ip connectivity between css and servers.

You'll also want another cable between the CSS and your switch for client vlan (or internet side vlan).

I personally avoid the use of the management vlan. Too many restrictions there.


Community Member

Re: Cabling the CSS 11501

Ip connectivity from the servers to do I check this? ping the CSS from my servers? Another question I have is: Do I need to configure a circuit before I configure load balancing?

Cisco Employee

Re: Cabling the CSS 11501

yes you need a circuit.

The circuit is the vlan interface.

Without a vlan interface, you have no layer 3 interface and therefore no ip connectivity.

Once the circuit is up, try to ping the servers from the CSS.


Community Member

Re: Cabling the CSS 11501

So create the circuit, then configure the content rules, then the services? As I sounded dumber each would I ping the servers from the CSS throught the web interface?

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