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cache 570

we are ISP and we have been using two cache engines in our NEtwork one is 570 and another is 550.But we are facing some problem since last month .The actual problem is it works fine and suddenly the browsing becomes very very slow for around 20 minutes.after sometimes it again started to work smoothly.I could not rectify the actula problem.Can anyone please help me ??


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Re: cache 570

this king of issue is quite difficult to troubleshoot.

You might want to check the number of requests coming in at the time of the problem - is it higher than usual ?

Check for packet drops on the interface.

Check the router as well.

Finally, capture a sniffer trace for like 5 to 20 minutes during the problem and

also when everything is ok (capture all traffic - not just ip or tcp).

See if there is any difference.

Check if the CE still receive DNS response in time.

Check if the destination server replies quickly.

Then, how often do you see this problem ?


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Re: cache 570

Thanks a lot for your reply.

This may be the useful for me.

This kind of problems occures in around every three hours.Sometimes randomly.

I have replaced the disks,Physical memory.but no progress.

One thing, If the CE rebooted at the time of problem it starts to work fine again.


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