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Cache loadbalance on the CSS

Is it possible to deploy CSS 11150 for cache loadbalance on the firewall loadbalance? If it is possible, do cache servers connect to CSS 2 or CSS 1? These cache is using for the reverse proxy cache. Now CSS 1 and 2 work for FWLB and SLB. Some servers are connected to CSS 2. Following is the network diagram.

Router--- CSS 1 ---Firewalls--- CSS 2 --- Servers

If cache must be connected to CSS 2, I think CSS 2 have much load. How about next network diagram? Cache servers are connected to CSS 3 and CSS 3 work server loadbalance. Is it possible?

Router--CSS 1--F/W--CSS 2--CSS 3---servers

Please give me some solutions?

Community Member

Re: Cache loadbalance on the CSS

The caches should be off CSS 2. There is a good document on reverse-proxy caching with a CSS here:

You are correct that the Caches should have L2 adjancy for a transparent caching config. If you are expecting a high throughput here then you might want to consider diagram 2. Transparent caching on the CSS requires the CSS to proxy each request which adds an extra load on the CPU.

Depending on which CSS model you have and what kind of throughput you are expecting it might be a good idea to offload the caching on a different CSS. This will scale better also.

Hope this helps.



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