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Caching to CDN

If I've already deployed caching, how can we evolve to a CDN?




Re: Caching to CDN

Caching is a subset of the content edge delivery functionality. By upgrading your Content Engine software and adding the appropriate components of the Cisco CDN solution, you can evolve caching to CDNs.

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Re: Caching to CDN

Currently Cisco has a box that performs caching and a separate box ( by a similar name ie CE-507-CDN) which, with its CDM allows content to be distributed to the edge in a controlled manner.

The cache and the CDM/CDN work very differently from each other. Think of the CDN as a local Web server since users will get content from it through an HTTP redirection from the CDM.

The two boxes complement the other so I think that if you can take advantage of the content distribution capabilities of the CDM/CDN that you will still want to have a cache box.

So, evolving the cache to CDN is done by building a parallel CDM/CDN architechture that is tied into your Web applications. Since, the web pages have to be changed to point to the CDM for the content that has been distributed.

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Re: Caching to CDN

Sure, you can. Not a problem. All you need to do is to implement some kind of redirection capability into your system based on user location and you are ready to go.

This redirection capability would basically learn about the network and make its decision based on several factors e.g. network latency, load management to route the user to the appropriate cache.

Adero currently allows you to setup your own CDN in a non-intrusive, quick and private manner. Check it out

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Re: Caching to CDN

Hello Beth,

Cisco Content Delivery Network solutions is composed of five components: content distibution and management, content routing, content switching, content edge delivery, and intelligent network services. Caching falls under the edge delivery component which uses Content Engine devices. You will need the other four components to have a full Content Delivery Network. For more details, see Cisco CDN microsite at



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