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CDM 4650 upgrading IOS

I am trying to upgrade the IOS on my CDM4650. I went from ECDN software to ACNS 503. The path I took was, ECDN to ANCS 425, to ACNS 501, to ACNS 503. On the way I lost my internal Ethernet adapter. Does anyone know how to get it back. I can enable one of the external Ethernet ports, and get it on the network, but only as a Content Engine.

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Re: CDM 4650 upgrading IOS

There are some known issues with version 5.01 that have been resolved in 5.03 .Since the upgrade was done in two steps, the internal adapter has been lost I guess. I am not sure if there's much that can be done to recover it.

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Re: CDM 4650 upgrading IOS

I am some what bummed by your answer. If I cannot recover the internal nic, then all I have is a large CE. I cannot use the CDM in an ECDN type application. Is there some way to reset all the internal settings, other than the restor option in the OS.


Cisco Employee

Re: CDM 4650 upgrading IOS


You will still be ok with this device. When running under ECDN, you used the ethernet port that is next to the console port. This port is actually disabled intentionally in ACNS 5.x. For ACNS 5.x, you will now use one of the ports on the "Quad-Card", just to the left of the integrated ethernet port. It will be the card installed in PCI slot 3, top network interface.

To confirm that the role of your CDM has not changed, run the command "show ver", and you should see something similar to "CDM4650-5.0.3" If you do, then your device is not configured only as a Content Engine. If it shows something different, let me know.

You will need to enable cms on the CDM to enable the CDM functionality. Information on how to properly configure and enable CMS are located here:


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