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CDN Installation Wizard

How does the CDN Installation Wizard locate a CDM or a CE prior to either device having been configured with an IP address? What kind of discovery protocol is it using? CDP? Are the unconfigured CDMs and CEs flooding the network with broadcast traffic announcing its existence in the network? If so, what is it exactly doing?

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Re: CDN Installation Wizard

I was told the installation wizard sends a broadcast on the local network (not passed by routers) which the CEs/CDM/CRs are listening for. When they get one of these broadcasts, they respond directly to the originator. So, the CDN devices are not flooding a nework with broadcasts. Rather, it is the Installation Wizard that periodically sends out broadcasts that the CDN devices respond to.

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Re: CDN Installation Wizard

I was thinking the same thing. However, I discovered it does pass this broadcast through a router. We just installed a CDM and a couple of CEs. The CDM and one CE were on the same subnet, and the other CE was on a different subnet. I ran the install wizard from a PC located in the same subnet as the CDM. It found the CE on the other subnet as well.

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