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CE-507 with ACNS 4.1.1 killing the network !

I have sme CE-507 content engines running 4.1.1 ACNS code in transparent cache mode. Config below.

I am wccp'ing from a 2600 router using " ip wccp web-cache redirect in".

On the router I also have

no ip source-route

ip wccp web-cache

ip wccp 90

ip wccp 91

Packets are forwarded to the cache engine but are then lost.

As soon as wccp comes up all HTTP traffic dies ( even ports that I have not specified in the port-list).

Has anyone seen this before ??

wccp router-list 1

wccp port-list 2 "http ports"

wccp port-list 3 "more http ports"

wccp web-cache router-list-num 1

wccp service-number 90 router-list-num 1 port-list-num 2 application cache

wccp service-number 91 router-list-num 1 port-list-num 3 application cache

wccp version 2

New Member

Re: CE-507 with ACNS 4.1.1 killing the network !

This problem has been fixed.

When using wccp redirect inbound - ip route-cache same-interface command must be on the ethernet side of the router where the CE is .

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